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Business Financial & Legal Advice and Solutions.

The Equipment Finance Advice Service (EFAS) was founded to provide advice on the law affecting companies suffering legal and financial issues relating to asset finance and leasing contracts.

EFAS are concerned about the effects of exposure to business credit to company directors and entrepreneurs, so it decided to do something about it so we created a professional service to help companies in the UK.

EFAS know how mounting debts can feel like a dead weight, dragging a company down down. Complicated legal arrangements and the stigma of insolvency aren't the only way out - EFAS will help you to find the solution that's right for you should issues arise with equipment finance contracts.

EFAS offer a comprehensive, business and legal advice service, along with expert, professional representation when dealing with lease and finance companies.

Help for Business Seeking Asset and Equipment Finance.

In addition to helping businesses with financial or legal issues The Equipment Finance Advice Service (EFAS) are here to assist the companies in the UK to find funding for their business.

EFAS has access to a range of business lenders to limited companies throughout the UK. Through this, we can help companies to grow and expand and grow at a rate that suits them.

EFAS works with a number of different Commercial Finance Lenders specialising in:

Advice on Dealing with Leasing Companies following Business Failure.

A personal guarantee (PG) may crystallize when a company ceases to trade. The PG often means it  will make one liable for one's own or a third party's debts or obligations. A personal guarantee signifies that the lender (obligee) can lay claim to the guarantor's assets in case of the borrower (obligor) default.

A PG is the equivalent of a signed blank cheque without a date. The obligee is generally not required to seek repayment first from the obligor's assets before going after guarantor's assets. The lender's actions are usually based on whose assets are easier to take control of and sell. Once signed, a personal guarantee can only be cancelled by the obligee.

If a PG can not be paid back in a agreeable manner then the person should seek advice on bankruptcy or an even an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) may be sensible.

Sources of help

National Debtline


The IVA Community


About Us

EFAS, The Equipment Finance Advice Service, is provide legal advice to companies, landlords, professional advisers, managers and others on the law affecting residential leasehold in England and Wales.

We can provide advice by telephone, by letter or email, or in person at the office; we can arrange seminars and group meetings where large numbers of leaseholders want to discuss a joint issue. We publish a wide range of free advice notes.

Equipment fInance advisers are available for telephone advice from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

If you would like to write to us please include a day-time telephone number in your email or letter.

If you would like to come to our office for face to face advice, please telephone 0800 123 5678 to request an appointment. Before an appointment is agreed an adviser will discuss your query with you by telephone, to determine whether it would be best addressed by a face to face meeting. This is because of the high demand for advice. Please bring all relevant documents (for example, the lease) with you. If in doubt ask the adviser what you need to bring.

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